Slovenia ~ Wine Tasting ~ 4/6/2021 6:30pm


This past Tuesday we explored South African wine and tasted a handful of our personal favorites. This coming Tuesday I want to continue to explore wine regions that are not only quietly trending but producing artisan quality wines that should be part of our everyday wine conversation. Slovenia.

Much like my journey with South African wine, it took a very special person to introduce me to what is happening with Slovenian wine right now. Italy and Austria have been part of the great wine conversation for decades so why not Slovenia (which is tucked in between the two countries)? Buzz words like organic, sustainable, natural, small production, hand harvested, single vineyard, and estate that here in the states we look for when purchasing wine are everyday words for many of the winemakers in Slovenia. The newest generation of winemakers in Slovenia are making a push for other countries, especially the United States, to take notice of what they are capable of. I have not doubt that we have been missing out on some tremendous wines from Slovenia, for quite some time, but I think we are in the perfect moment to be exposed to some of the most exciting wines coming from Slovenia.


Kimmie Curtis – Director of Wine

Ticket includes seating and sample pours of the evening’s selected wines. Our full menu will be available for purchase. Due to social distancing guidelines, group size will be limited to 4 or less.

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