Murphy’s Wine Club ~ February 2021

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February Wine Club – Spain & Portugal

As I mentioned last month, travel was on my mind going into the new year.  Something I dearly miss and vow to do way more of once it is safe to do so.  Until then, my husband and I have been cooking and drinking our way though areas of the the US and the world we would have visited.  Last month’s wine club offered up a small taste of France.  A trip my husband and I had been planning for 3 plus years.  Granted it in no way compared to actually visiting France but we both enjoyed getting out the wine atlas and a few cookbooks and trying to get a taste of what could have been. 

For me 2020 was going to be the year of “wine incentive trips.”  Since moving to Atlanta six years ago I have put in some real work building relationships (yes, sucking up) with both wine suppliers and importers with the underline hope I would get invited on a trip.  The trip to Spain and Portugal was a trip I had been working on since moving to Atlanta in 2014 and I had finally made the cut – the trip was set for March of 2020.  Well, we all know what happened there!  I still have my fingers crossed it may happen next year but until then I have been pouring over my wine books and drinking from regions of both Spain and Portugal that I was supposed to visit.

This month’s wine club is a small taste of what I have been drinking and enjoying from Spain and Portugal.

Cheers …

Kimberly Curtis
Director of Wine – Murphy’s

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