2019 Amity Vineyards White Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes It’s not often you come across a white pinot noir, which is why Amity strives to make theirs with a delicate touch to allow the unique properties of this red grape to come through as a white wine. They hand-pick our pinot noir grapes typically about a week earlier than when they pick for their red wines to preserve acidity. Then the fruit is whole bunched pressed very gently which allows to minimize maceration and have very little color pick-up. All of the color and most of the tannin in red wine comes from the skin so if you press right away and press lightly you can extract the clear juice, creating a beautifully light-in-color white wine with red wine characteristics. Pear, honeydew, golden raspberry with a round mouth feel followed by a bright, clean finish. It’s a must try!


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