2017 Mary Taylor Valençay

Tasting Notes Originally founded in 1960, the Jourdain estate has been run since 1990 by Sophie Siadou. Approximately thirty hectares of vines are sustainably farmed. From those vines Sophie crafts a brilliant range of honest, regionally-expressive wines. Reflecting her holistic approach to the ecosystem of the vineyard and her careful attention to the the nuances of the terroir, this wine wine was allowed to ferment naturally, using only indigenous ambient yeasts. In the glass the wine comes across with electric vibrancy - a blend of 30 percent Pinot Noir, 35 percent Cot (Malbec), and 35 percent Gamay. Expresses lightness and elegance from the Pinot Noir, a wonder floral quality and tart red fruit from the Gamay, and a lean structured back from the Malbec - succulent flavors of raspberries, black currant and spice. The archetypal “country wine.”


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