Albarino? Alvarinho? What’s going on here? Crisp and refreshing with phenomenal texture, Albarino, has become one of my favorite white wines since my time spent working in Spanish restaurants. During my time there I discovered a common theme: one grape varietal can,...
Wines for Grilling

Wines for Grilling

How to be chill at the grill this summer by choosing the right wine. Phew! Atlanta summers are like no other! We all know that trying to stay cool while standing by the grill can be tough, especially if you’re worried that you wines won’t hold up to the...
Merlot Renaissance: The Great Grape’s Comeback!

Merlot Renaissance: The Great Grape’s Comeback!

Merlot is a grape of great legend but also misunderstanding. Merlot is the backbone of much of the worlds greatest wine. The heralded tuscan titan Massetto, coming from a single vineyard plot in Bolgheri, is made entirely of Merlot and commands a sticker price of $400...


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