Every Tuesday at Murphy’s Wine Shop we hold our weekly wine tasting. This upcoming Tuesday, the 13th of August, we are lucky enough to host Larry Soble of Sean Minor Winery! It is always exciting to have someone who is directly from a winery; the perspective of living and working directly with the wine is invaluable. He will be sharing stories about both the wines and life in general at Sean Minor Winery. Stories that you would never hear unless you went there yourself!

Somewhat unique amongst California and Oregon winemakers, Sean Minor doesn’t actually own a vineyard. He and his team work closely with farmers to source their grapes from very highly-regarded, sustainable and expertly cared-for sites located all over California: Sonoma, Central Coast, Paso Robles, Napa and more. He also sources from areas in Oregon for all of his wines from that region. Sean then selects the best fruit possible, consistently creating delicious and approachable wine while remaining affordable enough for every-day enjoyment.

Sean Minor and his wife, Nicole, met a little over 31 years ago and rapidly bonded over their mutual love of wine. Sean then spent many years working in the wine industry and over that time he and his wife noticed the same thing, that there was a lack of wine that was approachable and of a higher-quality without costing and arm and a leg. Their solution was staring them in the face: simply make the wine that would fit all of those parameters themselves! So, they did and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the early days of their winery’s inception they would spend much of their time at home with their four young children, tasting wines at the kitchen table and experimenting with blends. Their 3 boys and one daughter would play while they tried to figure out what tasted great, what didn’t, and what might taste better if blended with this other one. One day, after watching this process from a different perspective, their daughter likened their kitchen-table-experimentation to the adventures of Goldilocks and the three bears, trying each porridge, bed (or wine!) until finding the one that was just right. Loving this observation made by their daughter, Sean and his wife named their winery “Four Bears”, after the four bears (or children) in their lives. After MANY years of expansion, they still have a line of wine under the name Four Bears, but the entire winery is now branded under the name Sean Minor.

Both the company and their children have grown over the years; they currently have quite an expansive line of wines. Starting with the previously mentioned entry-level, or everyday, line under the name Four Bears as well as their Sean Minor Signature Series. They also have, on the highest end of their line, several very small-production and stand-alone wines under different names like “Point North” and “H-Mynors”. While they have grown, their commitment to quality fruit and wine has grown as well. While Sean used to simply be a negociant, buying juice from sites all over California’s premier wine regions, and then blending to achieve the flavor profile he was after. He has now taken his ‘negociant’ role even further. He actually partners with specific farmers on specific sites to ensure the quality of the final product. By doing this, he can control the quality and character of the juice as well as ensuring he will always have raw materials for his final product.

Please come and join us this Tuesday the 13th and try five wines from the Sean Minor portfolio while learning more about this incredible family! We will be trying the following:

2017 Four Bears Central Coast Chardonnay

2017 Four Bears California Pinot Noir

2018 Four Bears California Pinot Noir Rosé

2017 Sean Minor Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

2015 Point North Willamette Valley Pinot Noir


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