A Worldwide wine craze hits U.S. shores with a twist –

Rosé has been a modern phenomena over the last decade, rising from almost nowhere as people craze over ‘pink’ wine. With the boom of provencal rosé sales, many winemakers world wide decided to add rosé production to their portfolio, with almost every winemaking region in the U.S. now creating some form of rosé wine. Along with the rise in rosé consumption, Oregon’s popularity saw itself take off. It was in cool climate regions such as this that the birth of rosé exclusively made of Pinot Noir started. Up until recent exposure to still, domestic pinot noir rosé, the only region of real Pinot Noir rosé craze was champagne, with Sancerre coming onto the scene of beloved rosé consumption late. This new application of Pinot Noir quickly spread to other great cool climate U.S. wine making regions. Sonoma, Mendocino, and Santa Barbara, to name a few. These areas started to find themselves producing extremely high quality and arguably ‘provencal’ style wines. What also revealed itself is that these roses, made of exclusively Pinot Noir, had such amazing variation in secondary flavor. They all remained, fresh, clean, red fruited and full of acid. Depending on what winemaking region, they may showcase salinity and amazing citrus character with incredible texture. Often times finding themselves at the tables of red wine drinkers. As the thirst for rosé continues to grow expect these wines to be ahead of the pack in no time.We’ve decided to highlight a few wines of exceptional quality from some of our favorite regions. These are renowned producers who have great pedigree producing wine and their rosés are nothing short of great. 

Robert Sinskey Vin Gris of Pinot Noir 

Lush, textured rosé from Sonoma County. Fresh and dry with strawberry fruit.

Andre Neveu Sancerre Rosé   

Tight and crunchy red fruited rosé from the famed Sancerre region. Minerals and zip are be the backbone of this wine. 

Flowers Rosé

From legendary pinot noir producers in the west sonoma coast. High elevation lends its hand to saline in a structured fragrant wine with tons of acidity to finish.


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