Life After Pinot Grigio

It’s time to step harmlessly out of the “safe-Zone!” Pinot Grigio has a large family of familiar faces. Offering degrees of separation not too dramatic but indeed fascinating. Let us explore!

All things Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Châteauneuf-du-Pape?Quick facts:Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a French wine that makes bold Grenache blends. Over 110,000 hectolitres of wine a year produced to make this one area higher in production than all of Northern Rhone.The first AOC in France created in 1936.Highest...

Taking the Red Wine Plunge!

No doubt that the popularity of red wine is on the rise! People who prefer crispy white wines run into the challenge of saying “no” to red wine. Or, wanting to try a red, only to be offered one that the paint of walls while creating the dreaded “pucker-face!” The...

The Range of Roses ~ 6/25/19 6:30pm

Come and Try a something for everyone rose tasting! Beat the heat with this amazing meet and greet! Tickets will sell out fast... ISABEL MONDAVI CABERNET ROSE Winemaker’s Notes: Light pink and salmon-colored, we made our wine with Provence in mind. Fresh, aromatic and...

Focus Italy, Nebbiolo!

NebbioloDerived from Italian "nebbia" meaning "fog!" Nebbiolo makes the masterful Barolo and Barbaresco which themselves can only be made in Piedmont. But Nebbiolo is grown all over the area, so many price points are available. Just have to know where to look! The...

Chablis “The Chard of Summer” – By Chris Reid

Just a hop from Paris, it is considered a northern wine region. Chardonnay is king and the only grape in the region. Often considered the “natural-expression’ of chardonnay. He wine see little to no oak aging, with traditional colder climate fruits like apple and pear...

Every day wine is A-OK!

Reams of paper, pictures, and diatribes are created to explain those rare and expensive wines.The mortgage payment once every 100 years, but what about arguably the most critical wine you can ever have? The tried and true everyday wine! Rare wines are the wines that...

It’s all “Blanc and Gris”

Agreeable Gris! Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio was found growing in Burgundy in the middle ages where they called it Fromenteau! With Pinot noir, the grape visited Switzerland by the 1300s.Emperor Charles IV was a fan and had cuttings imported to Hungary by...

Summer on the shores of the Mediterranean ~ 5/21/19

Coastal Regions in general, benefit from both the ocean and the mountains, meaning that there are a good range smaller-climates across the whole area. Coastline vineyards have a maritime climate with cooling ocean breezes; areas inland are influenced by the cooling of...

The Love-Hate of Pinot Noir!

Welcome, when asked most people are on one side or the other when it comes to Pinot Noir. "Too weak," "too much bite," "no flavor," etc. While many enjoy more daily examples, some seek out wines like Romanee Conti, Romanee Vineyard selling for $16-20k or more for a...


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