Albarino? Alvarinho? What’s going on here? Crisp and refreshing with phenomenal texture, Albarino, has become one of my favorite white wines since my time spent working in Spanish restaurants. During my time there I discovered a common theme: one grape varietal can,...

What’s on the Label?? Reading into Rioja

Rioja, Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva: What does it all mean? Sometimes, picking wine can be stressful. We have all been there, looking at a wall of bottles, all with labels packed full of words we don’t understand. When nothing on the label seems recognizable, it...

Wines for Grilling

How to be chill at the grill this summer by choosing the right wine. Phew! Atlanta summers are like no other! We all know that trying to stay cool while standing by the grill can be tough, especially if you're worried that you wines won't hold up to the bold flavors...

Resilient Rosés

What is rosé wine? Every Spring and Summer we dive right into this mysterious and delicious pink wine but, what is it exactly? The first thing to know is how rosé gets its color. It actually comes from the skins of the grapes. Rosé wine will occur when the skins have...

Salmon and Pinot Noir The Perfect Match!

Full disclosure, I am not a fan of “if the food is made here pair the wine from here.” But in this case, it is pure magic! Salmon’s natural denseness and rich flavors blend seamlessly into Pinot Noir’s strawberry, cherry, herbs, mushroom, cinnamon, clove, and...

The Summer of Rosé… and it’s all Pinot Noir

A Worldwide wine craze hits U.S. shores with a twist - Rosé has been a modern phenomena over the last decade, rising from almost nowhere as people craze over ‘pink’ wine. With the boom of provencal rosé sales, many winemakers world wide decided to add rosé production...

Biodynamic Wine Tasting 6/18/19 6:30pm

Join us fo our tasting -'Shoot the Moon with Biodynamic Wines!' Tonight at 6:30pm  But first...What does Biodynamic mean? Organic, natural, biodynamic – What do they all mean? Is there a difference between them? Tonight at our tasting, we will be exploring Biodynamic...

Wine Focus: Blends

While some vintages vary, blends offer more consistent and in many ways more flavor. Ranging from balanced to exotic, blended wines are a must when exploring the world of wine!

Grape Focus Merlot

Merlot is often overlooked and sometimes misunderstood. Some amazing and thought changing examples exist and worth seeking out! Click and see why!

Grape Focus: Shiraz

Today we are focusing on a versatile and fantastic grape that provides wines with a wide range of flavor. Focusing on two styles unique to the grape itself and found nowhere else!

Wine Focus: Chianti!

Chianti steeped in history, Chianti started quite small, three towns Castellina, Gaiole, Radda combined to start the Lega di Chianti. [League] In 1716 Cosimo de' Medici, Duke of Tuscany, issued  a proclamation to create the boundaries of Chianti. This action made...

2019 Summerfest Wines Roundup

Murphy's would like to reach out to all who could not make it to our Summerfest and extend these incredible deals to you! Murphy's wine team has scoured for months, tasting hundreds of wines to lock-in these wines at amazing prices. We are offering a wide selection of...

Summerfest Wine Highlights Part 2

THE WINEInspired by the age-old method of using cuttings from idyllic sites for the propagation of new vines, this Cabernet Sauvignon showcases some of our favorite hillside vineyards. Cuttings combines the deep, intense flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon with the structure...


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