Merlot is a grape of great legend but also misunderstanding. Merlot is the backbone of much of the worlds greatest wine. The heralded tuscan titan Massetto, coming from a single vineyard plot in Bolgheri, is made entirely of Merlot and commands a sticker price of $400 or so. Don’t forget other great wines such as Petrus and Trotanoy in Pomerol, on the right bank of the famed Bordeaux wine region. Arguably the wine has seen its greatest resurgence in California, where the wines are getting better by the year. Napa Valley is growing especially remarkable Merlot as of late. Pride Mountain Vineyards is a benchmark producer of the grape, with many arguing that their Merlot is their signature bottling. Dark, deep and polished, this wine stuns the palate of drinkers with its power. And this is the story of so many Merlot based wines in California. The story of California Merlot wines is one of power, finesse, and polish. Here are a few wines of exceptional quality not to be missed.

2015 Switchback Ridge Merlot, Napa Valley

Dense, rich, merlot dominant blend from Napa Valley. Chocolate, Blueberry and Cassis. Made by the famed Bob Foley.

2014 Robert Sinsky ‘POV,’ Napa Valley

This wine is very Bordeaux in style. A wine that has balance  and finesse with power. Earthy out front with great fruit backing. Lush and textured. An absolute crowd pleaser!

2016 Hourglass Merlot, Napa Valley

Hourglass is a boutique Cabernet master. Their Merlot does not fall short of the mark. An absolute stunner of a wine. Big fruit, big body, big taste. Velvet on the palate. Drink now! 

2016 Stewart Tartan, Napa Valley

This wine is an amazing showing from the now famed Stewart line. Merlot dominant, this wine has notes of boysenberry, cassis, plum and dark cherry. Balanced and giving, this wine is made in very small quantities but the quality shows through.  

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