This Tuesday at our weekly wine tasting, we will be enjoying 5 different wines, coming from 2 different collections, and all made by McPrice Myers. Mac, as he is known by his friends, has had a long and storied love-affair with wine. Starting in his early 20’s, Mac fell in love with the world of wine and has yet to stop. Being both a food aficionado and wine geek, he often found himself in the Central Coast AVA of California, where those two needs can be fully met.

 At the time, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the Central Coast was finally finding its footing. The movie Sideways had propelled the Pinot Noir market forward, while successfully stomping out the Merlot market. While the Central Coast had been producing fantastic Pinot Noir for quite a while, no one seemed to have the same respect for them as they might for Oregon Pinot’s, or even ones from Sonoma. This serious up-tick in demand led to exciting beginnings of what are now extremely well-known vineyards. This sudden notice and appreciation of the AVA led to the humble beginnings of an amazing foodie culture that still exists today in the Central Coast, and beyond.

Mac saw the endless potential of the Central Coast and has been crafting exceptional wines from that region since 2002. He sources from several different sites which allows him to be selective when choosing where to grow particular varietals. His sites are all in the Central Coast, but each one has incredibly unique characteristics. With an array of soil types, elevations and climates, Mac is able to grow varietals in the exact “right” spot to achieve the end result he looks for in each of his wines.

 His vineyard sites include: Denner Vineyard which runs along the border of Paso Robles gives the vineyard a massive array of elevations and soil types; along with the  extreme diurnal temperature shifts of the region, this vineyard has a near perfect growing climate for the 19 different varieties grown there; Larner Vineyard, in the heart of the infamous Ballard Canyon, is planted with mostly Rhône varietals; Les Galets Vineyard is just 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean and is one of the coolest growing regions in the state, creating elegant cool-weather Syrah; The Luna Matta Vineyard, located on the western side of Paso Robles received its CCOF organic certification in 2010; Finally, there is the vineyard in the Santa Barbara Highlands which is considered incredibly unique—it receives very little rainfall and is greatly assisted by the Cuyama River that runs through the distinct rolling hills of the area; the river helps to deposit alluvial soils throughout the arid area, adding to the already diverse soil that includes everything from rocky sands to loamy clay.

Please join us this Tuesday and enjoy an exciting array of wines created by this genius winemaker. I would love to see you there!


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